Zooming in on Zageb's internship at TWTG
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Zooming in on Zageb's internship at TWTG

Last year Zageb Kariman started on a challenging project at TWTG. Creating an energy based scheduler for our energy harvesting modules, during his 5-month internship.

Zageb, a 20-year-old network & embedded systems student, started his internship at TWTG with the assignment to create an energy based scheduler for our energy harvesting module. The idea was to research the unpredictability of the containment and delivery of energy through harvesting and make it smarter to increase the lifespan of the end product.

“Zageb’s youthful open mindset, which we ourselves likewise possessed at the beginning of our career, in combination with our experienced team resulted in a fruitful collaboration with an enormously successful result. In the future we hope to see Zageb again and work on new challenging projects together.” – Sven-Erik Haitjema

The story of a TWTG Intern

Zageb tells us that at first the project seemed extremely challenging, “a level up” compared to previous assignments during his studies. Nonetheless, this didn’t stop him going full throttle. The first weeks he took off his metaphorical software hat and pro-actively he quickly became familiar with the world of hardware and started cracking the case until his Eureka-moment.

During his internship there were no set specific expectations to the results he had to meet, this gave him freedom to explore and actively look for new input, which took this project and himself to the next level. This project took place within the TWTG research division.

After 5 months, Zageb delivered a very successful product for TWTG. During his final presentation the whole TWTG team, all present were impressed and did express their enthusiasm. This project made him change his mind about his future in programming and he is planning towards a career in hardware development. He is going to attend a program in embedded systems and/or mechatronica at a technical university.

His vision is to one day become a, as he stated “a master inventor” trying, testing, and creating innovative new solutions, from software to hardware.

In the future we hope to see Zageb again and work on new challenging projects together.

Sven-Erik Haitjema

A day at TWTG

Zageb sees TWTG as a company with a pleasant open culture with colleagues who can easily be asked  questions and share thoughts with. For Zageb this environment helped him to develop himself tremendously as a hardware engineer and it gave him the opportunity to be part of a continuing, improving and innovative project. His (proud) supervisor Sven-Erik agrees.

Zageb says that for him the best thing about TWTG is the combination of the smart people, atmosphere, the freedom of work, great lunch and having fun together. As working full time was a first for him, he never felt it was difficult, since he was surrounded by people that made him feel comfortable. In his own words; “there is a family-like atmosphere, which incredibly motivates and make it fun to work here”.