Supervisory Board welcomes Marcel Krom
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Supervisory Board welcomes Marcel Krom

Marcel Krom joins the TWTG Supervisory Board. He has over 25 years of experience in the logistics and postal sector in various general and IT management positions. Marcel’s current position is CIO at PostNL, which he has held for nearly 10 years. In addition, Marcel Krom is member of the CIO Platform Netherlands and of the Dutch Cyber Security Council.

“We are really excited about Marcel joining the TWTG Supervisory Board. Logistics is one of the vertical markets for which we are developing our I-IoT products. Marcel’s experience in change management and solving various IT challenges in the postal industry for decades provides him with a very sharp view on the developing landscape in the world of logistics. We can unquestionably gain from his guidance to build and release new products that can benefit logistics as a whole” says Goran Gavric, CEO TWTG.

I-IoT is one of the biggest promises in IT transformation for logistics of recent history

Marcel Krom CIO PostNL

TWTG develops cutting-edge, dedicated, and specific I-IoT solutions for various vertical markets that add immediate business value. Logistics is one of these and TWTG focuses on Asset Tracking with battery-free trackers. The Supervisory Board has been established to reflect and support TWTG’s mission. Earlier this year, Leo Brand (CIO, Vopak) joined the Supervisory Board.

Marcel Krom concludes with: “I-IoT is one of the biggest promises in IT transformation for logistics in recent history. Though it comes with large challenges, potential returns are incredibly beneficial in achieving both operational excellence and improving the strategic position of companies within the logistics sector. That said, I’m really looking forward to supporting TWTG in their already admirable journey.”