TWTG launches two new Industrial IoT products
Industrial IoT solutions

TWTG launches two new Industrial IoT products

Two new sensors added in TWTG’s I-IoT product line for heavy industry

Digitalisation is one of biggest trends in heavy industry and it is starting to deliver on its promises. Though, finding fitting solutions that provide real value from the first day is not easy. The Internet of Things needed to adapt to the standards, regulations and demands – TWTG NEON is the result of this and this industry defining product line is now being expanded with two new products: NEON Thermocouple Sensor and NEON Vibration Sensor.

TWTG NEON Vibration Sensor

The NEON Vibration Sensor sends alerts to maintenance engineers, as soon as assets, such as engines, conveyor belts, and pumps start to fail. This sets of a trigger when there is a change of frequency in the vibration or when outliers in the data occur. An engineer is alerted to check on this asset to prevent it from failure or long-term damage, which saves costs and ensures operational uptime. Now, assets which are not under constant supervision from operators can be monitored around the clock.

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TWTG NEON Thermocouple Sensor

TWTG NEON Thermocouple Sensor comes with a wired thermocouple and uses on-board intelligence to determine average values over user-determined time scales to provide insights that can be used directly within existing systems. The device can be attached to existing installations and monitors changes or absolute extremes in temperature. By monitoring these on a variety of locations, insights can positively benefit operations. With the wired thermocouple, extremely low temperatures can be measured (-270°C), such as hydrogen or high temperatures (1700°C) that are found within furnaces, and everything in between.

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NEON Product Line – LoRa devices designed for heavy industry

LoRaWAN Industrial IoT products

The TWTG NEON product range supports all industrial customers moving towards LoRaWAN as the Industrial IoT network of the future. The LoRaWAN network gives industrial operations a secure solution, which has no vendor lock-in, scales up to tens of thousands of sensors, covers complete sites with only a small amount of gateways and best of all – the low-power approach means that the lifetime of the NEON products can be extended dramatically. This international networking technology is quickly becoming the industry standard.

NEON stands for a standardised approach to collecting data points from within the operation and a general approach to creating integrated solutions with existing IT ecosystems.