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Active Postal Tracker

Tracking and managing inventory is made much easier

TWTG developed this solution based upon our innovative Light Energy technology. It runs completely without batteries or an external power supply by harvesting energy out of minimal light conditions. Durability, cost efficiency and low maintenance.

Active asset tracking without batteries. = no maintenance = no manual replacement = way more durable and cost effective than any other technology.

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Active asset tracking

TWTG created the end-to-end solution based upon our energy harvesting technology and by leveraging connected hardware to solve the problems of different logistic assets. Please note in most illustrations on this page, examples are taken from the perspective of the postal sector.

Going the extra mile
Assets such as roll cages, pallets or other materials are ‘identifiers’ in the process. Tracking temperature, location, delivery time and route of these assets can guarantee commercial KPI’s to the (end) customer(s). Even at clients location to monitor usage and the realtime location, so losses will be minimized and increasing operational value. And by analyzing the data, bottlenecks can be discovered and optimized.

However, making a connected asset tracker is most certainly not easy, but this is not the part that we would call innovative. Normally these devices run on high endurance batteries, which are expensive, need to be replaced every 2-5 years and have downtime when not replaced on time. You don’t want your assets be left in the dark when you need them the most. Thanks to our patented Light Energy technology we’ve managed to built this complete system on energy harvesting technology. In other words: this complete system can run autonomously without batteries or an external power supply.


Energy Harvesting

After researching the recent advances in solar technology over the last years, we’ve created a high-efficiency solution that was more durable, cheaper, and smarter than standard batteries. And we’re calling it: Light Energy. It works from 200 lux and up, which is the amount of light you typically find under your desk.

More durable
This means there are no batteries to be recycled and the system does not need manual replacement every 2-5 years – which would be normal with batteries. This surpasses the economic runtime enormously. The smart city / -product / IoT in general needs smart power. Light Energy works today, tomorrow and the coming years. Outperforming economic lifespan of almost all business cases.

Say your goodbyes to the most common form of maintenance in the IoT, which is the constant replacement of batteries of all the nodes. This used to kill business cases. Firstly, having someone replacing batteries every 2-5 years on 100.000+ units is multiple months of labour. Secondly, you have to buy new (expensive) high endurance batteries. And finally, how many downtime will you accept until you order in a full replacement? 5%? 10%? Ideally you don’t want any, let’s minise it then.

VIVID Postal Tracker can run completely without batteries

In the field

We are currently implementing our Light Energy asset tracking technology on various business cases in the postal sector. This first use case consisted of 200.000 assets and a 130.000 m2 warehouse. With 10% of roll cages ‘lost’ every year, we will outperform the costs in this first year with net gain. The solution paid for itself.

Another enabler in this case study is the improved service to their end-customers by being able to provide end-to-end asset tracking, temperature logging, and process optimization in the coming years with the generated data. This is both predictive maintenance, fallout and other commercial processes.

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