VIVID Safety Badge
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VIVID Safety Badge

Employee safety and protection via a wearable Industrial IoT device

One of the key areas where Industrial IoT can bring the most benefits is the safety and protection of people. Getting home safe at the end of the day is therefore of crucial importance. Although industries are ever striving to minimise injury rates, inching towards zero is what needs to be taken very seriously and hence every improvement on safety is worth going the extra mile.

TWTG VIVID does just that: Leveraging I-IoT and cutting edge wireless technology to improve safety and protection via a new range of industrial products, based on wearables and tags.

Square VIVID Safety Badge
VIVID Safety Badge

The VIVID Safety Badge is more than a personal protection device to be worn within ATEX / IECEx Zone 1 environments, it is the device that can make a difference in how fast help can be received in cases of emergency. Providing a clear overview of where an incident has taken place and allowing for organised and targeted evacuation of a site or an area, is the goal of the VIVID Safety Badge. Additional features, such as extremely long battery life and solar charging provide certainty and safety for operators.

TWTG is committed to minimising potentially negative effects of everyday business activities on people’s health and well-being in industrial environments. By leveraging cutting edge technologies, we are maximising personal safety.

ATEX / IECEx Zone 1 certified

This extremely light device can be worn on PPEs and allows two-way communication in near real-time, based on wireless 2.4 GHz protocol, a special networking technology stack that is openly available and has been designed together with the industry leaders at Semtech.

Depending on the use case, the badge can run for up to 32 hours, the equivalent of four full days of work. The integrated solar panel can charge the device whilst it is in use and wireless charging can be added for additional practicality. Business rules can be set to fully incorporate these badges into daily operations and to work alongside existing safety procedures.

Man down alert, evacuation mode, and restricted area alerts

If the VIVID Safety Badge detects a hard fall, it can help connect with closely located co-workers or the Health, Safety, Security, and Environment (HSSE) team. The product has a rich set of sensors, such information on elevation or acceleration, which can be of vital importance during an incident or evacuation.

This badge knows the fastest route to safety.

When the distress mode is activated, this mode will alert operators via an audiovisual alarm to move to the nearest muster point to ensure their safety. In cases of emergency, the device will increase its update intervals to (near) real-time in order to facilitate safety management and digital head count.

Square TWTG SolidRed can offer a custom dashboard or the data can be implemented into existing IoT platforms
TWTG SolidRed can offer a custom dashboard or the data can be implemented into existing IoT platforms

Can be integrated with every IoT-platform

VIVID follows the same philosophy as the other TWTG product lines in embracing proven industry technology standards. Via the SolidRed device middleware the device can be fully integrated with existing IoT platforms of all the major vendors.

Our own user interface can be optimised for various industrial sites and support the implementation of the badge in daily operations.  Finally, VIVID Safety Badge can work together with other solutions in the field – for alerts, localisation or other use cases.

Zone restrictions based on skill levels.

Square Report hazardous situations at the click of a button
Report hazardous situations at the click of a button

Working with industry leaders

From the perspective of safety and protection, this product is designed to fit in with the day-to-day operations. It is created to protect operators in potentially hazardous environments.

All design decisions of the VIVID Safety Badge were meticulously considered. All data-parameters can be specifically configured to adhere to the most stringent requirements. As a standard, no personal information is stored.

The VIVID Safety Badge has passed multiple audits and has been designed in consultation with various groups of end users. TWTG is working with industry leaders, creating a sustainable contribution to safety and protection. VIVID stands for decreasing injury rates on industrial sites, making these safer places to work.

Square VIVID Safety Badge has an extremely long battery life supported by solar panels for charging on the go
VIVID Safety Badge has an extremely long battery life supported by solar panels for charging on the go

Technical overview - VIVID Safety Badge

Accelerometer, elevation, pressure / temperature, GPS, NFC

Up to 3 kilometers in the most ideal conditions. 1 kilometer within densely built-up industrial terminals

105 mm x 76 mm x 14.5 mm

NFC For use with entrance gates
3KM Range (up to)
4 days Battery life (up to)
Zone 1 ATEX / IECEx certified


IECEx Class 1 / ATEX Zone 1 (II 2G Ex ib IIB T4 Gb)
IP-54 rated

Battery life
Up to 4 days of use (32 hours) even if solar panels are not used



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