TWTG's Continuous Innovation Transforms Industry
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TWTG's Continuous Innovation Transforms Industry

NEON Sensor Fusion Technology Advances Predictive Maintenance

Introducing TWTG’s Advanced Sensor Fusion Technology: A Leap Forward in Intelligent Predictive Maintenance

Rotterdam, March 18, 2024 – TWTG, a key player in Industrial Internet of Things (I-IoT) solutions, announced the launch of new sensor fusion technology for compatible sensors within their NEON product range. Sensor fusion technology represents a significant stride in I-IoT and the industries it serves by combining data from multiple sources to deliver a more comprehensive and accurate overview of industrial systems. This technology, particularly the innovative NEON EventSync and TimeSync functionality, promises substantial advances in intelligent predictive maintenance and operational management.

The introduction of TimeSync ensures precise time alignment across sensor networks, which is crucial for data accuracy and real-time analysis. Complementing this, EventSync delivers intelligent, event-driven data collection from multiple sources. When viewed via TWTG’s SolidRed I-IoT platform, this data enables engineers to enjoy a more profound understanding of the relationship between sensors, equipment, and data, creating more nuanced operational insights and decision-making. Synchronized measurements stand as a cornerstone for the realization of achieving a digital twin – a virtual model meticulously mirroring its physical counterpart.

Nadine Herrwerth, CEO of TWTG, highlighted the benefits of these innovations, stating, “Our new sensor fusion technology is designed to improve precision and efficiency, especially in the Energy and Chemicals Industries. This development is part of TWTG’s ongoing efforts to innovate and stay ahead in the I-IoT space. We’re committed to adding real value for our customers through these advancements.

With this focus, TWTG is supporting the industry-wide push towards operations that are safer, more sustainable, and more efficient. Our work in sensor fusion is a clear example of how we’re constantly improving and maintaining our edge in I-IoT development, always with the goal of delivering practical benefits to our customers.”

Starting from early 2024, all compatible NEON devices will have sensor fusion functionality. For devices already in the market, TWTG will offer these new features through software updates, ensuring that every compatible sensor benefits from this latest technology.

Square NEON sensors installed at industrial sites
NEON sensors installed at industrial sites

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