Industrial IoT solutions


Every market has its own needs. Our product lines NEON, VIVID and LUCID are developed to answer these. As experts in I-IoT we have the relevant and detailed expertise to develop solutions for our core markets.

Square Industry


We set out with the goal of making industrial sites safer and more efficient. Having insight into assets and operational processes makes it possible to make decisions and act upon these – correctly and in real-time.

Square Logistics


Knowledge of where assets are provides certainty and allows organisations to run more efficient logistics value chains. Our products provide insight into the usage and the pattern of items being returned and in circulation.

Square Energy


The world is gearing up to enter into a new paradigm. One in which energy and utility companies shift focus from kilowatts to kilobytes. New technological solutions are needed to create the IoE – the Internet of Energy


We have dreams to build

TWTG product lines excel in their applications; predictive maintenance, asset tracking, monitoring, and activation; all fully tailored to our key verticals: Industry, Logistics, and Energy.

We’re constantly working on what’s next. We will increase our focus on developing more products for our respective road maps.