Prince Constantijn endorses TWTG
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Prince Constantijn endorses TWTG

During the Accenture Innovation Awards, we were honored to be part of an panel interview together with Prince Constantijn Van Oranje-Naussau (advisor at the European Commission and ambassador at Start-Up Delta). This was done for the camera’s of Dutch business TV-channel RTL-Z. “TWTG is the type of company that we as a country need to shine abroad”, Prince Constantijn said.

Header image courtesy of RVD.

TWTG is the type of company that we as a country need – to shine abroad

Constantijn van Oranje

“We see Light Energy as the building block that replaces the battery as a whole. Every project, client or even external parties can buy this technology to use it for their own. This way we can have true impact in the world, both from an environmental point of view as making products / services smarter with the power of batteryless IoT”, TWTG’s Nick Kiran (from the interview).

Next to this panel interview, Bright TV covered our nominated Light Energy technology as well (video below). In which we talk about our strategic partnership with Primevision in the postal sector. Light Energy enables us to create smart connected asset trackers without the need for batteries, and thus los low maintenance and environmental benefits. Light Energy was finalist in the category “Smart and Affordable Energy” during the 2017 Accenture Innovation Awards.

Check out the video Bright made on YouTube (please note that the video below is in Dutch.)