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TWTG Press Release

Shell and TWTG Sign Global Software Agreement

Interpreting vibration data from LoRa sensors paves the way for smarter Shell sites globally.

Rotterdam, 26th September 2022. Not a company to stand still for long, Dutch I-IoT solution provider TWTG has now secured an enterprise framework agreement to supply their vibration analytics solution to Shell Information Technology International BV. Only months after delivering 2,500 wireless NEON Vibration Sensors to Shell Energy and Chemicals Park Rotterdam, the pioneering scale-up has reinforced the position of industry innovators by securing a precious global agreement to supply their Vibration Application.

The monitoring solution forms part of SolidRed – TWTG’s I-IoT middleware, designed to provide engineers with invaluable, ultra-precise insight into rotating equipment, retrofitted with TWTG’s NEON Sensors. The application interprets data collected from on-site assets and provides operators with a visualisation of the full-spectrum vibration analysis from any remote monitor within Shell’s closed system.

John Tillema, CTO and founder at TWTG, believes this agreement is the perfect next step for Shell after the initial NEON Vibration Sensor roll-out. “It demonstrates Shell’s trust in TWTG’s capabilities as both a device manufacturer and a solution supplier. We’re honoured, and super-proud to support Shell in their journey towards the digital future.”

For Shell engineers who need to know more than simply the RMS velocity and RMS acceleration data, the data application creates far-greater insight by transforming raw data into tangible, workable information.

Additionally, although lacking the specialist insight achievable via NEON products, the interoperability, openness, and ease of SolidRed still permits engineers to retrieve, combine, analyse or re-direct data from most other third-party LoRaWAN sensors. The Vibration Application roll-out sits within Shell’s current IT architecture, and TWTG’s open approach to development ensured the easy integration with other systems, including Shell’s Sensor Intelligence Platform. Tillema continued, “It is a testament to how the agnostic and considered approach in bringing the various skills and experience from our two organisations led to such a tremendous and exponential amount of insight – capable of not only increasing operational efficiency but ultimately reducing downtime overall”.

Yvo Thal, Senior IT Project Manager at Shell Information Technology International, is eager to express his thoughts regarding the advantages that TWTG technologies bring to Shell. “The SolidRed NEON VB application allows us to get the most data and insight out of the NEON wireless LoRa devices, including spectrum analysis data. Rotating engineers can evaluate changes in patterns and diagnose these without leaving their desks. Comparing visualised changes in the spectrum over variable timeframes gives engineers a clear indicator of possible wear or damage, far in advance of any actual loss in performance or potential failure”.

The TWTG SolidRed Suite supports any LoRaWAN devices and provides insight into and visualisation of asset data remotely. More information on SolidRed can be found here. Shell companies have their own separate legal entities. In this document  “Shell” is sometimes used where references are made to Shell companies in general.