Our CTO interviewed on sustainable product development / IoT
Industrial IoT solutions

Our CTO interviewed on sustainable product development / IoT

TWTG was invited by Business News Radio (BNR) to talk on IoT product development for industrial appliances and how these can be made in a more ‘durable’ way. John Tillema, CTO, was present and addressed multiple topics and answered questions he received from hosts Herbert Blankesteijn and Ben van der Burg. This interview is packed in a 1-hour long podcast, that can be listened to via your standard podcasting application (iTunes) or via the BNR-website. Please mind that the interview is in Dutch.

BNR is one of the biggest news stations (radio) of The Netherlands and is based in Amsterdam.

Our take on durable product design is to enable industry leaders achieve their audacious efficiency goals with our technology.

John Tillema CTO TWTG

Topics addressed

In the interview, topics included TWTG’s patented Light Energy technology, theĀ asset tracking solution and his love for various industry standards such as the iBeacon / Eddystone protocol (it is a technical podcast, hence his limitless passion). In general, the red line that Tillema addressed through the complete interview is the procedure of creating smart connected (retrofit) hardware in various industrial applications.

Tillema said: “Our ambition is to help large industries improve their efficiency, by adding sensors (IoT) on top of their current installations and procedures. And that’s also our take on our form of durable entrepreneurship; how we can contribute to the world, to create a better tomorrow. This is to help our industry leading, global clients, who all share the vision to achieve audacious goals with technology for both their operation excellence and their strategic advantages. We might have picked one of the hardest ways to do business, but we love to face these challenges every day.”

Below, we’ve compressed the interview to the final conclusion in under 2 minutes. For those, who don’t have the time to listen through the whole podcast – we do understand. To conclude, a big thank you to Herbert and Ben for having us on their show, BNR De Technoloog.

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