TWTG Insight Seminar
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TWTG Insight Seminar

Meet the LoRa Experts with Actility, TEKTELIC, and TWTG

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TWTG's Insight Seminar video

On March 13th, 2023, TWTG, Actility, and TEKTELIC organised the first Insight Seminar under the theme of ‘Meet the LoRaWAN Experts’. This seminar provided attendees with the opportunity to meet some of the industry’s leading experts in the Industrial IoT space.

The event featured three sessions that focused on making the implementation of LoRaWAN solutions easy and accessible. Actility provided insights on LoRaWAN connectivity, TEKTELIC offered valuable knowledge on LoRa Gateways, and TWTG shared their expertise on LoRaWAN devices.

The seminar was exclusive, giving attendees ample time to address any specific opportunities and challenges associated with their individual implementation. One-on-one discussions were encouraged, and attendees gained valuable insights on how to overcome any obstacles they are facing, and how to get the most out of the digital transformation made possible by LoRaWAN solutions.

The video gives you a clear impression of that day. Overall, the Insight Seminar was a great success, bringing together industry experts and providing a platform for individuals to learn and network. Attendees left with ‘stroopwafel’-sweet goodie bags, and, more important, a deeper understanding of LoRaWAN technology and how it can be used to drive innovation in the Industrial IoT space.