TWTG and Thermo-Electra partners in Wireless Temperature Measurement
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TWTG and Thermo-Electra partners in Wireless Temperature Measurement

Industrial customers worldwide benefit from bundled expertise, bespoke tooling and improved support

Rotterdam, 28 March 2023

TWTG and Thermo-Electra are excited to announce they have formed a partnership, which will combine the expertise in wireless temperature measurement solutions. The partnership will enable both companies to collaborate and leverage each other’s strengths to create new business opportunities and provide improved services to their customers. Customers will also benefit from bespoke tooling and improved operational safety and efficiency, the latter because of the increased accessibility of wireless temperature sensors. Thermo-Electra, established in 1962, is an independent Dutch manufacturing company specialized in designing and building thermocouple and Pt100 temperature sensors for industrial customers. Dutch scale-up TWTG is at the vanguard of Industrial IoT solutions and has become market leader in LoRaWAN®-based sensors with IECEx / ATEX certification. Both companies aim for growth and have a roster of international clients in the Energy sector and related industries.

The collaboration will combine the renowned expertise of Thermo-Electra in temperature measurement and TWTG’s proficiency in wireless IoT solutions to provide industrial customers with an end-to-end, one-stop-shop for wireless temperature measurement. Both companies will exchange know-how and support. This bundling of expertise will improve support to customers looking to add temperature measurement to their approach of monitoring operations. It also makes bespoke tooling in thermocouples and temperature sensors available to an increased customer base.

Growth is one of the aims behind the partnership. The changing Industrial IoT landscape, part of what is known as Industry 4.0, is the strongest enabler of that growth. The digital transformation sought by industrial customers in most notably the Energy sector, ensures increasing interest in wireless data acquisition and condition-based monitoring. Wireless I-IoT sensors, such as TWTG’s LoRaWAN®-based NEON product family, make that digital transformation and the reaping of benefits such as increased safety and efficiency, possible for larger customer groups than ever before. Besides temperature measurement, the NEON range also encompasses valve, pressure, and contact measurement and the ability to connect a temperature transmitter to specified thermocouples. Due to the cooperation, the design and manufacturing options for Thermo-Electra temperature sensors and the applications of TWTG equipment are almost infinite.

“I am glad Thermo-Electra and TWTG forged a partnership, one that opens new opportunities and is future-proof. While we are geographically in close proximity, both companies have a clear global reach. With the added expertise and the possibility of bespoke tooling, customers looking for wireless temperature measurement are in very good hands.” said Nadine Herrwerth, CEO of TWTG.

Claudia van Leeuwen, CEO of Thermo-Electra, explains: “We are very excited about the cooperation with TWTG. While we focus on manufacturing customer designed temperature sensors, TWTG focuses on the development of instrument digitalisation. The continuous pursuit of innovations and growth are characteristic for both of our companies. Alone we are strong but together we are stronger.”