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The world is gearing up to enter into a new paradigm. One in which energy and utility companies shift focus from kilowatts to kilobytes. New technological solutions are needed to create the IoE – the Internet of Energy

Square Smart Grid transition

Smart Grid transition

With the worlds’ ever increasing need for energy and the drive for decarbonisation speeding up. There is only one goal that technology must pursue: the development of the Smart Grid to support the transition to a more efficient energy network.

Square Strategic advantage in the energy transition

Strategic advantage in the energy transition

If utility companies can support individuals in using renewable energy in a more efficient way and if this energy is stored more effectively, then this is a great first step in proper grid asset management. Utility companies will have a better understanding of demand patterns and then be able to act accordingly. Malfunctioning assets can be pinpointed in the Smart Grid to resolve outages more quickly, and thus achieve increased customer satisfaction.
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Square LUCID Boiler Module

LUCID Boiler Module

Square LUCID Communication Module

LUCID Communication Module

Square TWTG & Eneco launch Smart Boiler Module

TWTG & Eneco launch Smart Boiler Module

Square TWTG receives the first T-Mobile CAT-M SIM

TWTG receives the first T-Mobile CAT-M SIM

Square Webinar – IoT for Utilities

Webinar – IoT for Utilities

Square Retrofit I-IoT products

Retrofit I-IoT products

Retrofitting our products on top of existing installations creates benefits without disturbing tried and trusted solutions. TWTG LUCID products are developed with the least interruption in mind, so processes can continue and the information flow can commence without any difficulties.
TWTG LUCID products

Insight as key for the energy transition

Deeper understanding in the energy usage patterns of residential installations, can lead to more balanced levels of energy being available. This knowledge and insight can support the drive for the energy transition.

When outages can be analysed remotely, this will lead to a faster issue resolution, this will benefit not only consumers and end users but will decrease the stress levels on the grid when the system is started up again.