LUCID Communication Module
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LUCID Communication Module

Control all assets remotely with LTE-M

Eneco’s new solution for connecting all of their heating-related equipment throughout their entire network

The Communication Module was developed with the highest of standards in mind in terms of cyber security, remote maintenance, and hardware longevity. The main device communicates via LTE-M to a cloud interface that is equipped with big data analytics and remote device management tools. This results in near real-time insight and incredible amounts of data that can be used, with client approval, to optimise customer service.

The device has multiple input possibilities which can be connected with a variety of systems including MBUS meters, heating boilers, solar power inverters, heat pumps, and even district heating installations. Making this device incredibly versatile and ready for all data challenges that Eneco might have now or in the future.

Unlocking decades old use cases with the power of LTE-M.

Preparing for the future

“You need to think 10-15 years ahead, because these devices are built to last that long. So given what you know about technology now, you have to account for what may happen in the next decade and be ready to adapt to that. This device is a crucial part of that future-proofing of your assets.”

– Evert Jan Althuis, Innovation Lead at Eneco

Square Improves smart metering capabilities, meter usage monitoring, and smarter district heating.
Improves smart metering capabilities, meter usage monitoring, and smarter district heating.

Building a smart grid with retrofittable devices

“We can change settings on the fly, we can enable devices to talk to each other, this device truly opens up a smart grid for the future without having to change the infrastructure that’s already in place.”

– John Tillema, CTO at TWTG

John Tillema, CTO of TWTG. Watch video
John Tillema, CTO of TWTG.

Technical details

  • Available interfaces: opentherm, proprietary bus protocols, mbus, P1, z-wave or modbus RTU (some require an add-on).
  • Relays the information over LTE-M cellular network
  • Has a controllable output for actuation use cases
  • Installation time <30 min
  • Provisioning: QR-code inside, retrofit installation on-site
  • Operating temperature: 0°C to +60°C (32°F to +140°F)
  • End-to-end secure
  • Firmware: remote FW-updates over the air (OtA)
  • Expected lifetime: 10 years
  • Dimensions: 150mm x 150mm
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