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We set out with the goal of making industrial sites safer and more efficient. Having insight into assets and operational processes makes it possible to make decisions and act upon these - correctly and in real-time.

Square One version of the truth

One version of the truth

Our products provide information to any desired back-end system to ensure that TWTG can contribute to the one version of the truth, providing all the information needed for correct and considered decision-making.

Square  Privately hosted networking technology (LoRa)

Privately hosted networking technology (LoRa)

Industrial IoT devices need a back-haul system to run on. The way we develop solutions is based on the requirements for the hardware, the capabilities, and the functionalities. Hence the back-haul system is secondary but nevertheless crucial to the hardware. Which communication infrastructure solutions will run on depends on the information being shared, the criticality of this data, and the amount of information communicated.
Square Certified products (ATEX / IECEx)

Certified products (ATEX / IECEx)

From FCC all the way to IECEx, we understand the importance of certification. As our solutions are installed within industrial sites, our products undergo stringent design and development rules. As an ISO-certified organisation, TWTG adheres to and abides by the information security controls and audits. Products comply with the regional radio frequencies as well, as specific safety requirements.
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Square NEON Vibration Sensor

NEON Vibration Sensor

Square NEON Temperature Transmitter

NEON Temperature Transmitter

Managed Solutions
Square SolidRed Industrial IoT Suite

SolidRed Industrial IoT Suite

Use cases
Square NEON Valve Sensors at Vopak

NEON Valve Sensors at Vopak

Square From Simple Sensors to Smart Industry

From Simple Sensors to Smart Industry

Square I-IoT – A smart approach to downtime

I-IoT – A smart approach to downtime

Square Go full digital twin with LoRaWAN sensors

Go full digital twin with LoRaWAN sensors

Square Retrofitting


Our I-IoT products are developed and designed to fit most existing industrial infrastructures. We add intelligence and smart features to what is already in place, being easy to implement and easy to read out, based on the premise to garner information remotely. We create benefits without disturbing tried and trusted solutions.
NEON Valve Sensor

I-IoT for Industry

Industrial solutions benefit from information being available at a central location where decisions are being made and where information flows conjoin. Our I-IoT products provide this information by sensing state-changes and tracking assets to create intrinsically safer environments.

Industrial sites can be dangerous for people, hazardous for the environment or destructive for goods and assets. By providing insight into patterns and behaviours as well as status of the hundreds of variables on site, measures can be taken early and knowledge can used in the best possible way to prevent incidents from happening.