NEON Vibration Sensor
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NEON Vibration Sensor

Condition-based monitoring for Industry 4.0 assets

In many industrial sites there are a variety of assets being used regularly without clear and timely information about their health status. The future of asset performance management is changing. It is becoming ever more digitised with data collected from Industrial IoT sensors providing insight and knowledge.

The NEON Vibration Sensor sends alerts to maintenance engineers, as soon as assets, such as engines, conveyor belts, and pumps start to fail. This sets off a trigger when a change of amplitude is detected in the vibration spectrum or when outliers in the data occur. An engineer is alerted to check on this asset to prevent it from failure or long-term damage, which saves costs and ensures operational uptime. Now, assets which are not under constant supervision from operators, can be monitored around the clock.
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The sensor uses locally run and over the air configurable algorithms that keep real time checks on their asset. These algorithms are set to find changes in the vibration fingerprint of the rotating equipment they will be mounted on. All in the reliable NEON form factor that comes as a battery powered, IECEx / ATEX Zone 1 certified I-IoT device, communicating wirelessly via LoRaWAN.

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NEON VB roll-out at Shell Pernis Watch video
NEON VB roll-out at Shell Pernis

IECEx / ATEX Zone 1 certified

Designed for industry from the very beginning, TWTG’s NEON product line is built to not only operate in industrial sites where explosive gasses are being handled but also all other elements that a sensor may be exposed to in the course of its >10 year* lifetime (at 25C). It has been tested and certified to work in conditions from -40° to 80° Celsius without hampering performance. The devices are designed and engineered in such a way that they can be safely and securely deployed in a wireless network and are remotely configurable, ensuring not only longevity but also reliability within an operation.

Additionally, TWTG delivers spare parts and product lifecycle support. It has an extremely long lifetime hence, the sensor can continue to be used with the correct refurbishment kit. This way, periodical maintenance can be kept at a minimum.

NEON Vibration Sensor can be installed / mounted using an M6 bolt, other mounting options are available.

The Vibration Sensor alerts if assets run incongruously.

NEON Product Line - LoRa devices designed for heavy industry

The TWTG NEON product range supports all industrial customers moving towards LoRaWAN as the Industrial IoT network of the future. The LoRaWAN network gives industrial operations a secure solution, which has no vendor lock-in, scales-up to tens of thousands of sensors, covers complete sites with only a small amount of gateways and best of all – the low-power approach means that the lifetime of the NEON products can be extended dramatically. This international networking technology is quickly becoming the industry standard.

NEON stands for a standardised approach to collecting data points from within the operation and a general approach to creating integrated solutions with existing IT ecosystems.

• Fully LoRaWAN compatible
• Based on the highest security standards
• 100% ownership of data
• IECEx / ATEX zone 1 certified
• Battery powered for easy deployment
• Installation within live environments – continuous operation
• Integration with existing data backends or DCS
• Visualisation via TWTG’s SolidRed Suite or any other IoT platform
• Detailed and extensive documentation
• Easy LoRa configuration using the NEON Configurator
• No legacy; compatible with various types of different assets
• Provision of Lifecycle Support
• Availability of spare parts and refurbishment packages

Watch the NEON Vibration Sensor animation video Watch video
Watch the NEON Vibration Sensor animation video

Technical overview - NEON Vibration Sensor

Measures RMS velocity, acceleration, and FFT (dependent on application configuration)

Measuring range #1:
5 – 1000 Hz (3dB points at 5 Hz and flat at 1000 Hz)

Measuring range #2:
5 – 6.66 kHz (3dB points)

0-150 m/s2

Wireless protocols 
LoRaWAN 868, 915, 923 MHz (1)

100 x 70 x 45 mm (L x W x H)
3m cable length

Operating temperature
-40°C to 80°C (-40°F to 176°F)

IECEx / ATEX Zone 0/1
IP-65 rated

10 years, >10 years battery life (at 25°C)*

Bolt or band clamp (Transmitter) & M6 Bolt (Vibration Sensor)
other mounting options are available

(1) Compatible with international LoRaWAN standards (long-range, low power wide-area network); EU 868MHz certified


*Depending on average ambient temperature and network quality

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